Hi everyone,
I hope you all had a lovely weekend…mine was great! So much sewing…too much maybe…my back is complaining a bit! Although that doesn’t really have anything to do with the sewing but the position I put myself in when I iron! No wonder I hate that part so much.
Anyway, I’ve just been trawling the web for some inspiration on strip quilts. I love them and have not tried on yet. I’ve always been afraid of making it all skewed and maybe ending up with something completely lopsided and horrible…and I just can’t bear to cut into my beloved fabrics then…but I saw some lovely tutorials which make me think, I might just give it a go soon. Check out this site for a ‘quilt as you go’ tutorial and definitely have a look at filminthefridge for the loveliest strip quilts ever!!! Those will make you want to start immediately, I promise!

Anyhow, let me know if you have thought of making strip quilts as well. Of course, if you’ve already made one and have posted a pic somewhere, send me a link and I will definitely check it out. Can’t wait to see some more lovely examples!


I can’t wait!

I am so excited! I have just found out that my husband has bought me a vintage Singer treadle sewing machine from 1922!!!! Complete and utter bliss! Could I ask for a better present or a better husband for that matter??? We are going to pick it up in a couple of weeks as the person selling it is not exactly around the corner and we can’t manage it earlier. I can’t wait. I’m already trying to decide what I will sew on it first.

Now tell me: Isn’t this lovely?! I am going to have sooooo much fun. My great-aunt used to have such a machine and the first sewing I did was on that one. What a brilliant thing to have and to use again. I absolutely LOVE IT! I’m hoping that machine quilting will be a little easier on this machine because you have so much more space under the arm. Has anyone got any experience in that respect? I would love to hear your thoughts.

Quilty day…

Only a half day of work today, so lots of quilting time…:) I worked on some mug rugs for friends, there is so much inspiration around I hardly knew where to start. I ended up trying some scrappy and some more regular designs. I’ll post some pictures soon. I also finally picked up one of my more long term projects which had been (I am slightly embarassed to say) gathering dust in a corner. I rediscovered it today and got quite a bit done. It’s a sample block based quilt and I now only have two more to finish before I can start putting them all together. I actually don’t really know why I got distracted from it because I really like the fabrics.

I’m going to frame the blocks all in white, so hopefully the finished quilt will be nice and bright.

I am also getting on well with my baby quilt in blue. I’m currently handquilting it with an overall hexagon pattern (which is proving very time consuming) which is why I decided to keep the quilt top very simple. I wanted to try my hand at a more structured pattern, rather than just my standard straight lines…

I must say, I do like this quilt – but then I am a huge fan of blue. I’ll post another pic when I finally finish it.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend. xx

Having spent soooooo much time gazing at lots of other people’s WONDERFUL creations I ought to share some more of mine. Admittedly I have had a rather limited supply of fabric (at least my stash is VERY small due to certain size restrictions of our flat) so you will see certain fabrics pop up again and again as I reuse little bits here and there. I seem to have this strange habit: when I buy a fabric that I simply adore I will not use the bulk of it in one project but dripfeed bits and pieces into almost every little project so that I get to see it everywhere. Maybe that’s because any one big project might turn into a present and then I don’t get to look at it anymore. So here are a few little bit from the last weeks (I apologize for the quality of these pics – it was already dark outside, not that daylight would have made much difference the way the weather has been lately) …

I was working on my first ever mug rug (yes I have joined the legions…) but then I had word from my fantastic parents in law about their soon to be very stylish new kitchen and the need for some strategic splashes of colour. So this little log cabin turned into a potholder instead (and its not pictured handquilted twin, too). I’m still not quite sure about the colours, but I sure love the binding…give me solids any day of the week 🙂

Do you remember the cushion I made for my sister-in-law? Well this little beauty was inspired by it. My husband expressed regret that the other was to leave the house and requested our own version. He loved Micheal Miller’s Retro Groovy Guitar so this is what I came up with…as far as I can see it might yet be promoted to bedroom pillow, it’s that popular with him. 🙂 Also, I must say that I am completely in love with that grey fabric. It’s just a nameless one from my local store but it that such a silvery sheen to it and I can’t get enough of it. Last time I bought every last scrap of what they had in the shop and now desparately hoping, they will order more in…

I made these hot water bottle covers a few months ago…when it was still really winter here (or what they call winter in the UK…coming from Germany I’m never quite sure). I admit I absolutely ADORE my hot water bottle (is that very old fashioned?) and have just found out that my husband does, too (it’s only taken me 7 years…). I had this horrible old PLAIN cover which was ripe for the trash and so I wipped the left one up in one evening (I was quite impressed how quickly it came together, considering that I handquilted it). When I very happily started using it I noticed my husband moping around. I then dared to mention that I thought those covers might make some nice Christmas presents for next year (I know some fellow lovers) and what came back? – don’t I get one first? – well I couldn’t let that one pass, so I let him choose his own fabrics and a couple of day later it was joined hot water bottle happiness in our home…sad or what?

I’ll leave you with these for today. Gosh, now that I see them on screen I realise just HOW bad the light was when I took these pics.

Enjoy your Thursday (or whatever day it is in your timezone) everyone. xxx

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Good luck everyone. xx

Little add on: I thought I take a picture of my first baby quilt before I pack it up. I made this for a good friend who is expecting her second baby. It is my first handquilted project, which I am particularly proud of. Let me know what you think.

P.S. Although this might be my first handquilted project I am already on the next few…do you all get so easily obsessed, too? Watch this space – some more pics coming soon. 🙂

Having recently discovered all these fantastic people who blog about their crafty lifes I feel the urge to join them and (hopefully) discover the inner writer in me. I quilt, I knit, I cook, I take pictures so I should be able to find some things to write about. And maybe this will bring well deserved relief to my poor (but wonderful) husband who has to listen to me talk about fabric and wool and food ALL THE TIME. Not to mention all these times when he has – very patiently – followed me around various quilting shops and wool shops and book stores (for inspiration) without a work of complaint (apart from the occasional glance at the watch…).

So please leave me comments whenever you like something (or don’t as might be the case), or have ideas, or helpful hints or just want to alert me to your own blog. I would love to hear from all of you.

I recently finished this cushion for my wonderful sister-in-law and have now given it to her. I must admit I’m not the most skillful quilter yet – but I’m working on it. But she loved it and it is apparently well used…