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As I mentioned a few days ago, I did a lot of sewing over the weekend and here is the result. I’m really pleased with it (although not with the picture) and will now just have to baste, quilt and bind it…JUST…

The idea for this quilt came from Barbara Chainey’s book. She teaches you a cutting plan with which you cut your fabrics before you plan your quilt (beyond simple colour matching). I really like it because it advocates being free and inventive and not to necessarily follow one of the designs in the book but just to go with the proposed cutting plan for the fat quaters and then arrange your cut pieces in any wild way you fancy. The fabrics I used are quite different from what I would normally choose and I don’t tend to use a lot of white, so it was a new experience all round. Please tell me what you think of it. Feedback is always welcome.

Also, I did mention that I had made some mug rugs and here is the promised picture. I took some inspiration from this mug rug on flickr made by mindboggld. I do like the scrappy look of that one but somehow mine ended up being a lot more regular… But hey room for improvement with the next lot (which I’m sure will be soon made although I have so much else to do). I like very small things, too, so I made one mug rug and a couple of smaller coaster like ones – basically a pot-and-2-cups set. And may I just say that that is one of my favourite cups, too – a little pressie from my lovely mother-in-law who knows how much I love Wuthering Heights…

Have a lovely avo everyone and keep your fingers firmly crossed for me tomorrow…I’ll let you know what it was for when it has all worked out and I’m happy…


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Quilty day…

Only a half day of work today, so lots of quilting time…:) I worked on some mug rugs for friends, there is so much inspiration around I hardly knew where to start. I ended up trying some scrappy and some more regular designs. I’ll post some pictures soon. I also finally picked up one of my more long term projects which had been (I am slightly embarassed to say) gathering dust in a corner. I rediscovered it today and got quite a bit done. It’s a sample block based quilt and I now only have two more to finish before I can start putting them all together. I actually don’t really know why I got distracted from it because I really like the fabrics.

I’m going to frame the blocks all in white, so hopefully the finished quilt will be nice and bright.

I am also getting on well with my baby quilt in blue. I’m currently handquilting it with an overall hexagon pattern (which is proving very time consuming) which is why I decided to keep the quilt top very simple. I wanted to try my hand at a more structured pattern, rather than just my standard straight lines…

I must say, I do like this quilt – but then I am a huge fan of blue. I’ll post another pic when I finally finish it.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend. xx

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